Why do people not wear their hearing aids?

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A successful hearing rehabilitation outcome does not solely rely on getting a hearing aid. It is an unfornate fact that some clients fitted with hearing aids do not wear them. For audiologists, it is important to identify factors that affect hearing aid usage. An appropriate plan can be devised to ensure the clients enjoy using the new hearing devices and get a great outcome.
According to a UK study* “Why do people fitted with hearing aids not wear them?” (Abby McCormack & Heather Fortnum, International Journal of Audiology 2013; 52-360-368), these are the factors that contribute to the low usage of  hearing aids.

  1. Not able to insert the hearing aid, feel discomfort, experiencing side effects e.g. rashes, itching
  2. Poor sound quality, hearing aid not effective, particular in noisy situations.
  3. Feedback problem (whistling)
  4. Psycho-social factors, i.e. poor motivation/feel a nuisance/ hassle

In my experience, some clients don’t realize their hearing aids have become faulty and assume their hearing aids are no longer useful for them. Some clients have invested in expensive devices but they are still not getting satisfactory outcomes. They believe there is nothing else they can do to help their hearing. They assume seeking a second opinion won’t help.
If you experience any of these issues, we are happy to provide our support to help you wear your hearing aid(s) successfully.

Hearing Aid Management Poster

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This poster explains the battery change procedures and hearing aid insertion procedures. It is best to display it on the wall at your home for quick reference. Your family or your carer will make no mistakes in helping you manage your hearing aids. To check out this hearing poster, please visit our office. It is free to our clients.
Sandgate Hearing is an independent client-focussed hearing clinic. Our clients happily say we are different from other hearing clinics.

Sandgate Hearing: Hearing Impaired Badge is a Big Help

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It can be intimidating to ask a stranger to speak clearly to you. This badge can save you from doing this. This badge works well when you are going out shopping, meeting people, going to medical centres and many more places. For those people who do not see your badge, you can point to the badge and ask the person to speak clearly. Another benefit is that if you need to ask people to repeat something or you mishear a conversation, people are more understanding and tolerant to your hearing difficulty. It is a badge well worth it.
If you want to check out this hearing badge, please come to our office. The stock is limited. They are $6.50 each.

Sandgate Hearing is an independent client-focused hearing clinic. Our clients happily say we are different from other hearing test clinics.